Research and Development

We are actively involved in the development of innovative and complex formulations as we engage with partners throughout the animal health, pharmaceuticals and agri-business industries. We join hands with those who focus on improving the health and wellbeing of animals.

Driven by an expert pool of scientists and researchers, R&D is SeQuent's key growth driver. We have built a comprehensive portfolio of animal health API and animal health formulations as well as human API product basket with continuous research initiatives. Expertise in the development, scale-up
and commercialisation of products involve the following reactions:

  • Catalytic hydrogenation (noble metal catalysis)
  • Hydride reductions
  • Organometallic Reactions (Grignard, diethyl zinc)
  • Hazardous reactions involving cyanuric chloride
    ethyl mercaptan, and so on
  • Asymmetric synthesis and chiral separations
  • High pressure and high temperature reactions
  • Fluorinations (DAST, deoxyfluor)
  • Halogenations
  • Azide reactions
  • Friedel Crafts reactions
  • Suzuki Coupling