Message From Managing Director

Manish Gupta
Managing Director

Global economic progress and social wellbeing depend a lot on health, both human and animal. Therefore, we want to help make a difference in these two areas by our ability to compete, innovate and perform. Our strategies revolve around the changing requirements of our customers and partners, and we comply with evolving standards of regulators.

In the Animal Health segment, we are helping veterinary businesses succeed and livestock producers raise healthy animals. We are one of the industry frontrunners in India's Animal Health segment, with growing manufacturing and research capabilities. We are striving to become a global player of scale in this valuable domain.

On the human API front, we are playing our part as well. Global pharmaceutical spending is poised to touch US$ 1 trillion by 2017. Moreover, patent and an increasing demand for generics from India encourage us to contribute significantly in the human API segment. Although most organisations focus on products losing patent protection, we have chosen a different path of focusing on smaller, old molecules to make amark in this market. We are equipped to cater to the demand

from both pharmerging and advanced countries across the globe for these products, which require cutting-edge R&D, highly flexible manufacturing and a competitive supply chain network.

Our customers and partners rely on us, and we strive to ensure that we cannot only meet but exceed their expectations. As we continue to build on our key capabilities, the realignment has enabled us to enhance focus on our key priorities, build our own brand and increase the efficiency of our operations. In other words, make tomorrow more promising for customers, partners, investors and the wider community of stakeholders.